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On 22 November 2018, London’s City Hall played host to a meeting of leading drone or air drone industry stakeholders who gathered to discuss how best to harness UK expertise to enable the delivery of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), Urban Air Mobility (UAM) flights and UAS Traffic Management (UTM) systems. The meeting signified the UK drone industry’s commitment to providing a solution to the sector’s biggest challenge of making routine commercial drone flights a reality in UK skies.

The outputs of the meeting represented an important industry contribution to government thinking on the long-awaited ‘Drone Bill’, the Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill, which is now before Parliament.

Previous discussions between Drone Major Group Ltd, which convened the meeting and representatives of the Department for Transport (DfT), the Greater London Authority (GLA), British Standards Institution (BSI) and others, highlighted the need for the industry to come together to agree the best approach to ensure that the UK maintains its leading role in the drone industry’s continued development as one of the world’s most economically significant disruptive technologies.

The immediate objective of the City Hall meeting was to formally establish a Working Group tasked with producing a white paper for presentation to the DfT and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), designed to assist in the adoption of future guidelines, operational protocols and standards for BVLOS and UTM.

The Drone Delivery Group was born...

Since its formation as an ad-hoc organisation, the Drone Delivery Group has grown rapidly in size and reach with members from around the globe.  More recently, at the request of its members, a not-for-profit organisation was formed to establish its formal structure and governance.


The Drone Delivery Group exists to provide an open, free and inclusive vehicle for industry to voice its concerns, opinions and recommendations on the emerging drone industry to Government.

Thought Leadership

The Drone Delivery Group comprises many leading minds in the drone industry in the UK and from around the world, providing an unprecedented opportunity to deliver thought leadership in what is an exciting emerging sector.

Industry White Papers

At the heart of our purpose is the production of industry and public consultative White Papers on key topics and concerns facing the drone industry.  It is through this vehicle that we aim to inform Government of our concerns, opinions and recommendations to encourage action designed to enable an industry which has such potential for the economy and for mankind.

All Inclusive Membership

The Drone Delivery Group was established to be the first global drone association which is open to members from any environment (land, maritime, air & space) and includes the business user community.

Not for Profit

The Drone Delivery Group is a company limited by guarantee with a strict not-for-profit governance structure.

Group Structure

The Senior Advisory Board

Robert Garbett


Sir Gerald Howarth

Baroness Jacqueline Foster

Sir Brian Burridge

Professor Iain Gray

Chris Parry

Les Gregory

Fred Harbottle

Sean Bell FRAeS FIoD CDir BSc

Sean Bell FRAeS FIoD CDir BSc

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