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On 10 October The Drone Delivery Group is organising an event at the RAF Club, Piccadilly, which will further discuss the importance of developing national strategies for the use of drones.  The event will run from 09.30 to 12.00 and will be entitled:    ‘Drones – Plan for Success’, how can the UK
develop our ‘National Transportation strategies for a safe and exciting future’.
The morning will consist of three 10-minute introductory presentations followed by a 30-minute subsequent panel discussion allowing questions from the audience. The three serials are as follows:

  • The Vision – Drones: the next 10 years – what would success look like?  Presenter: Senior
    Government Minister, and a panel of four from across the drone domains of land, sea and air
  • Cross-Domain autonomous operations – harmonisation/accessibility is vital. Presenter - Les Gregory (Ex BAe Maritime Systems) with a panel from across the drone domains.
  • The challenges of crafting regulations and standards for the digital age – evolution or revolution?  Presenter: Senior academic from Warwick University with a panel from across the drone domains.,

The DDG’s most recent paper deals with the standards and regulations required for cross-domain autonomous drone operations and is particularly attuned to recent debates on Artificial Intelligence. 

Our thesis is that as automation leads to autonomy, with or without AI, so we will see drones interacting digitally with autonomous ships, cars and aircraft.  Importantly, those environments will remain predominantly filled by manned vehicles. It follows therefore, that the data quality, transmission and security standards should be common across domains if we are to avoid inefficiency at best and chaos, even collisions between those elements at worst.  The paper can be viewed here

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