A Drone Delivery Group White Paper for Public Consultation

The Relationship Between Standards & Regulations

  • Background

    Concerns of over regulation, a lack of direction from Government on the implementation of EU drone legislation and a lack of clarity on the future of CE vs UKCA certification, understanding the relationship between regulations and standards have never been so important.

    This paper will explore the types and purpose of drone standards and how they could be used to support the UK Government and prevent what is the most rapidly evolving technology sector ever witnessed from driving into a regulatory culs-de-sac.


  • Purpose

    The purpose of this Paper is to provide the UK Drone Industry’s coordinated guidance to Government in the UK and beyond. 

    This paper will clarify the types and roles of standards and set out how these can be used by Government to prevent over regulation and place the responsibility for setting out safety and quality standards on industry.

    The Drone Delivery Group represents an industry-backed initiative to bridge the gap between Government and industry. The Group was founded with the goal of establishing an open channel of communication between key stakeholders within the drone delivery industry (manufacturers, operators, and investors) and Government, standards bodies and regulatory organizations.

    Thank you for your time, interest and support... 

  • Scope


    • Region

      This White Paper is focused on the UK market but the principles are applicable globally

    • Release

      In committee development

    • Deadline

      This paper will be released for comment by the DDG Membership before 31 March 2021.

  • Next Steps

    This white paper is in the committee draft phase.

    Once complete, it will be issued to the DDG members for comment before releasing for public consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the White Paper for?

Our aim is to deliver industry backed guidance on the relationship between standards and regulations. 

This thorny issue has dogged the drone industry for years with many not understanding the purpose or value of standards and preferring to focus on the development of regulations.  This has led to regulators ignoring standards and standards makers operating in isolation. 

This paper aims to clear the air, clarify the different types of standards and explore the benefits and pitfalls associated with the use of standards in support of regulations.

How do I have my say?

Step 1 - To engage with this new white paper, please contact us using any of the forms to discuss how best to engage.

Step 2 - When the paper has been published for comment, members will be informed and invited to comment on the paper prior to the public release

Step 3 - Non members will be invited to comment at the public consultation stage via social media

Step 4 - The Committee will review all comments and publish the results with the final version.

Step 5 - We will not be able to respond to everyone but we will take every comment into account and by joining the group, you will be kept up to date with the progress of this and future papers

When do I need to get my comments in by?

We allocate 8 weeks for the public consultation phase from the date of release for comment

Please be sure to complete the form carefully entering details of the paragraph, the comment and a suggestion to rectify the issue.

Thank you

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