Bringing the Drone Industry
Together to Take Action on Key Issues

Drone Industry Action Group

Thought Leadership

Leading Minds with a Common Goal

Leading industry experts from senior stakeholder companies have formed this group with the common goal of taking action on key issues faced by the drone industry.

Drone Industry White Papers

Industry White Papers

Delivering the Voice of the Industry

Using an open and public consultative process, the Group develop White papers to provide industry direction to Government.

All Inclusive Membership

Land, Maritime, Air & Space

The Drone Delivery Group was established to be the first global drone association which is open to members from any environment (land, maritime, air & space) and includes the business user community.

Not for Profit

The Drone Industry Trade Organisation

Originally created as an ad hoc group to provide industry guidance to Government on a single issue and evolved into a not for profit organization behind which the industry can stand.

Addressing the Key Issues facing the Drone Industry.

Using recognised consultative document development governance and under the watchful eye of a committee for each paper, an Operational Delivery Committee and a Senior Advisory Board.





Industry Sectors


Not for Profit


View Our White Paper

The White Paper entitled 'A Proposal for the Commercialisation of the UK Civil Air Drone Industry' is now available for download. Join us now to become apart of the voice of the drone industry...

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